Diversity and inclusion

At Elopak we believe that creating a diverse and inclusive work environment is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do. A diverse and inclusive work environment in which employees feel valued for their uniqueness and feel safe to speak up, makes our company stronger and helps us better serve our customers worldwide.



Elopak promotes gender diversity in our workforce through clear requirements in our recruitment process. Our governing documents were updated in 2021 with a statement that the recruitment, selection, and assessment process will be based entirely on the skills and competencies needed in the specific roles. It is required that the hiring manager double-check the shortlist and reassess diversity, and we aim to have at least two candidates representing both genders to choose from in the final hiring round.

Our governing documents requires not to discriminate directly or indirectly or harass candidates because of age, disability, gender / gender reassignment, marriage / civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief, gender, or sexual orientation. Read more here.

Elopak strongly believes that compensation for equal level/positions should be equal. There can however be legitimate variances due to different payment for different positions reflecting general market practices. Low turnover and high seniority within the engineering industry, which has traditionally been male-dominated, are also factors dominating the holistic picture. The situation is changing and we see a positive transition towards a more diverse management group that will force and encourage a change moving forward and an increase in the number of women in the senior management group.

When I started working at Elopak Denmark A/S near Aarhus, I was positively surprised by the way I was welcomed. Especially because I am a foreigner. I think I’m the first female Asian employed here. I was welcomed like everybody else and I immediately felt included. My colleagues are eager to help me if I have any questions, even when I have minor difficulties understanding things in Danish. Then my colleagues explain things to me slowly in Danish so I can understand them better. Language is not a barrier to me, but I speak Danish at a beginner’s level and I still have much to learn. I’m so happy that my colleagues and my manager are as supportive as they are.

Madonna Ebreo Ambas, RollFed Slitter Operator, plant Aarhus

Diversity and inclusion


Target the same distribution in gender diversity across all hierarchical levels

KPI reference
% female in organization, and management
GRI 405-1
Status 2021
22% total
18% line managers
37% level 2 management
11% top management

Our internal engagement surveys and feedback in performance dialogue meetings confirm that our employees feel they have an inclusive workplace. We have more than 50 different nationalities across our organization.

At the end of 2021, we launched an onboarding program for new employees to enhance the value of diversity and inclusion.

Men have traditionally dominated our industry, which continues to be reflected in our organization, where 22% of our employees are women. We aim for the same distribution in gender diversity across all hierarchical levels, and compared to 2020, we experienced the same gender distribution, although by the end of 2021, the proportion of women in leader positions at level 2 had increased from 33% to 37%.

Data on the ratio of salary and remuneration of women to men is not published for 2021, due to insufficient calculation methods. We have implemented Mercer Job Classification System in the larger sites and aim for implementing Mercer in more countries this year.  This will give us a more accurate picture of a gender pay gap.

More results and details of our performance can be found here.

Moving forward

We aim to improve gender distribution and will continue with more initiatives on enhancing diversity and inclusion.

In 2022, we will develop a separate Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) policy that outlines how we will build a diverse talent base, ensuring equal opportunities for all our people, and encouraging inclusive leadership. We aim to include the D&I perspective in all our people processes throughout the company.

Equal pay will continue to be a focus area. There will be continuous follow-up in any salary adjustments as needed, with the possibility of evaluation or adjustments of areas of responsibility reflecting our job classification system. This will also be closely monitored in future recruitment processes. During 2022, we aim to define and anchor the method for calculating payment ratios of women to men, reflecting our structure and job classification system worldwide.