Aseptic alu-free machine

2021 marked further expansion of Elopak’s filling machine portfolio in the fresh and aseptic segments.

The development and introduction of Pure-Pak eSense, a more environmentally sustainable aseptic carton without an aluminum layer, has been accompanied by optimizing our aseptic filling platform E-PS120A.

Its unprecedented operational performance and flexibility have been further enhanced by introducing a hybrid sealing system for carton top sealing, enabling processing the entire portfolio of aseptic boards in one filling line. Meeting both the current and future sustainability demands on the same filling line represents a key advantage to our customers.

The hybrid system utilizes ultrasonic sealing technology and will be available as a configurable feature for new aseptic lines and as a conversion kit for existing machines. Characterized by low energy input and short achievable cycle times, the technology is implemented for flexibility and performance.

This development project has been a joint cross-functional effort in which different disciplines contributed to overcome technical challenges and finding solutions by using innovative approaches and methods. The new hybrid sealing system is a foundation that opens up for further sustainable packaging developments in the future and the team is proud to bring this solution to the market.

Andrea Augustat, Development Engineer