Emission reduction projects in 2021

Terneuzen coating plant, Netherlands

2021 was the first year that the Terneuzen coating plant eliminated natural gas consumption for heating buildings; it now uses electricity.

In addition, one forklift was changed to an electrical clamp truck, as per the transition program from gas to electrical forklifts.



This was a very interesting project where we successfully managed to install new heating and cooling equipment. This equipment is also very efficient by use of heat recovery, which results in reducing emissions. We now only need gas for our coatingline, but we already started the final phase to go off the gas by changing our flame treatment to corona treatment. It feels meaningful to take part in this project which contributes to a better and healthy work environment and reduce emissions.

Fons Platteeuw, Maintenance Manager and Leo Cazaerck, Senior Project Manager, Coating Netherlands

Terneuzen converting plant, Netherlands

During 2021, the converting plantprepared the electrical infrastructure for the further transition to electricity in the upcoming years. The program for changing the lights from TL to LED is ongoing, and five production halls have changed to LED in 2021.

The plant also replaced gas-fired heating with heat pumps for the plate-making area and offices and facilitated six places with electrical vehicle charges outside the main building in 2021.

Montreal, Canada

During 2021, all gas valves in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system were changed. The system is now more dynamic, reducing the energy needed. One new print line using electricity instead of gas was installed at the end of 2021. This is expected to reduce emissions by 300 tonnes CO2e per year, when fully in operation. In addition, the new line is also expected to reduce waste and increase productivity. Step 1 of a project to change the buildings’ heating to electricity was also initiated and planned in 2021 and is planned for installation during 2022.