Pure-Pak® eSense Aseptic

The ‘e’ stands for eco-friendly

The Pure-Pak® eSense Aseptic has been developed using technology from Elopak’s fresh portfolio, meaning the carton can preserve product integrity, safety, and lifespan without requiring an aluminum layer, which is commonly used in aseptic packaging. The replacement of aluminum by polymers results in a reduction of the carbon footprint of the carton by 30% while facilitating full recyclability. Pure-Pak® eSense Aseptic is a new milestone, providing customers in aseptic markets with an even more sustainable packaging solution.

Showcased on the Juice Summit in October 2021, Pure-Pak® eSense Aseptic offers brands and consumers new ways to further reduce their environmental footprint without compromising on functionality. We are excited to add this latest innovation to our offering and provide our customers in the aseptic segment with an even more sustainable packaging solution.