NEPP Project – Next Generation Pure-Pak

Case: NEPP Project – Next Generation Pure-Pak

Elopak is engaged in a research project with RISE PFI and RISE AB, funded by the Research Council of Norway, called NEPP (Next Generation Pure-Pak®). The project started in 2020 and will run until 2022, aiming to develop and demonstrate a new type of fresh milk carton and the process steps needed to produce it. The new carton should substantially improve the impact on the environment and recyclability.

Central research activities in the project are new converting methods, new use of materials, new design, and new process steps, including the adaptation of filling lines.

So far, the project has delivered two literature studies on different technologies and materials to potentially replace the polymers currently used as a barrier in the carton and as material for opening devices.

Laboratory testing shows promising results so far, and although more testing is required, we have high hopes for exiting commercial solutions.

Jørn Erland Olsen, Specialist Director Material Development